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Vision BI

Visionware Business intelligence (BI) includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance. Visionware uses various technologies in order to implement BI Platforms, like:

Microsoft BI

Open Source BI

Custom Developed Solutions

Other Commercial Technologies (Oracle, Tableau, ClickView)

The classic BI Architecture model consists of three layers:

Data Integration Layer: collects data from various data sources using an ETL tool and stores the data in centralized Database called Data Warehouse (DW) or Data Mart (DM)

Data Analysis Layer: Once data is integrated and becomes a single source of truth, other analytical tools (OLAP Cube) can consume this data and build aggregations to provide decision support information.

Information Delivery or Data Distribution Layer: This is the important layer in a BI system; it gives a real insight of information and what exactly stakeholders want to see. It helps business users in decision making and more activities, such as exploring the information, slicing and dicing the data, sending alerts, and in predictive analysis. Any data visualization tool (reporting tools, MS-Excel) can consume data from OLAP Cube or integrated data sources (DW or DM), and offers an opportunity to understand the data and show the power of BI.

Visionware ETL layer is based on different technologies, according with each customer specific or available technologies:

Microsoft SQL Server Data Transfer Packages

Manual SQL procedures/scripts

Specialized ETL Tools (Oracle ODI, etc)

Business Intelligence solutions enable your organization to benefits a powerful new way to work with data:

Bring the power of data to every user in your organization

Self-service insight for everyone from any data

Deliver comprehensive dashboards, scorecards, and reports

Build enterprise-scale analytic solutions

Mine your data, find new insights and make better decisions