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Project and Service Management

Project Management

The Visionware Project and Services Management (VW-PSM or PSM) process is based on a customization of the market standard practices according with customer demands and Visionware maturity level.

Visionware Project Management Methodology is based on PMI standards and Price2 concepts, adjusted accordingly with Visionware Governance Framework and roles.

PSM methodology was defined based on each project specific, as follow:

Implementation Projects (One Time projects). This methodology is used for one time implementation projects detailed within current document and used in addition to the VW-SDLC methodology.

Service Operation is used for Services (ongoing or continuously projects) detailed in the VW-ITGOM methodology


Service management

Visionware Service Management Methodology is based on ITIL and was defined in tied relation with Service Operation framework. The Service Manager covers multiple ITIL roles, as follow:

Demand Manager
The Demand Manager is responsible for understanding, anticipating and influencing customer demand for services. The Demand Manager works with capacity management to ensure that the service provider has sufficient capacity to meet the required demand.

Service Portfolio Manager
The Service Portfolio Manager decides on a strategy to serve customers in cooperation with the IT Steering Group, and develops the service provider's offerings and capabilities.

Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating the resources to deploy a major Release within the predicted cost, time and quality estimates.

Release Manager
The Release Manager is responsible for planning and controlling the movement of Releases to test and live environments. His primary objective is to ensure that the integrity of the live environment is protected and that the correct components are released.

EU Structural Funds

Due to the involved in EU Funds Projects implementation, Visionware staff accumulated in-deep experience in:

technichal consultancy for EU Funds request preparation


project implementation

audit and support


As an IT solutions provider, Visionware depends on the ability to develop and deploy software which is critical for the success of our customer’s projects.

This current described methodology as well as the synchronization with related commercial and internal methodologies are enforced within Visionware Organization through the Governance Framework which:

Describe the Visionware organization model, roles and responsibilities

Provide the Executive Management and Middle Management Framework for People, Projects and Organizational Management and Leadership

Assure the Organization durability and the Strategy rollout on medium and long term

Describe the internal regulations, code of collaboration as well as the approval flows

The Commercial Framework will be considered unitary as some processes outcomes or steps are interconnected. For example, the transition processes within SDLC is described within SOM methodology.

For VW-PSM Methodology, following industry standards were considered: Prince 2 and PMI


PSM Phases and Lifecycle

The synchronization between each Visionware process phases (Sales – PM – SDLC) is described in the below diagram:








The Visionware PSM internal phases generally corresponds to PMI methodology and are described based on PMI (PMBOK) and Prince2 concepts.


Roles and Responsibilities

The below matrix depict each phase activities according with corresponding knowledge area and is related to the roles and responsibility regarding the interaction between Customer, Sales, Project and Services Management, Strategy and Solution Portfolio, Delivery. The specific roles for the Visionware Business Solutions Implementation or Operation activity are described and established within VW-SDLC, VW-ITGOM, VW-ITSRAM frameworks or other Visionware procedures.