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Professional Integrated Services:

Visionware Governance is the main framework which enable our company to deliver succesfully projects and consist of three layers covering:

Visionware Governance, also known as “Vision for Growth” is the foundation layer of the company governance. This layer address the annual strategy based on what is structured the organization and further on is defined the business framework

The second layer described the internal collaboration framework addressing the main important engines of the company: People, Administrative and Financial frameworks.

The third layer focus on the core business methodologies which finally enable Visionware’s services excellence.



The Visionware Governance Framework was developed based on a holistic approach - encompassing view based on the knowledge of the nature, functions, and properties of the components, their interactions, and their relationship to the whole.

The first layer of the Governance Framework describes at a very high level the Governance principles, organisation culture, management model and main process.

The second layer describe in detail the internal interactions flows, responsible persons, activities, documents and approvals.

Within the 3rd layer, all business processes where described in details, including process intersections, roles, responsibilities and deliverables according with every commercial activity.

Management Model

Visionware established a set of procedures and internal organizational structure as main drivers of activity in order to facilitate collaboration and to quickly share knowledge and information, keeping the person in the center of these processes. We encourage creativity and work standardized.

Primarily internal frameworks goals are to deliver at the market standards and to sustain grow and innovation.


Visionware Organizational Culture characteristics:

Innovation (Risk Orientation) - we encourage people to take risks and innovate in the performance of their jobs.

Emphasis on People (Fairness Orientation) – we place high importance on how our decisions will affect the people in the organization

Emphasis on Outcome (Achievement Orientation) - focus on results and place a high emphasis on this value of organizational culture.

Teamwork (Collaboration Orientation) - organize work activities around teams 

Internal framework

Visionware Internal framework describe in detail the organisational interactions flows, responsible persons, activities, documents and approvals. The Operational framework processes is the liaison between the internal organization methodology and the project methodology (internal and commercial).

As the internal methodology describe the framework for the basic operational activity (People, organization, etc.) independently by any project or commercial activity, the Operational Framework describe the synergy from people management to project management, in tied liaison with Visionware Management Model.


The internal activity is organized according with internal process:

Commercial Framework

As an IT solutions provider, Visionware depends on the ability to develop and deploy software which is critical for the success of our customer’s projects.


This current described methodology as well as the synchronization with related commercial and internal methodologies are enforced within Visionware Organization through the Governance Framework which:

Describe the Visionware organization model, roles and responsibilities

Provide the Executive Management and Middle Management Framework for People, Projects and Organizational Management and Leadership

Assure the Organization durability and the Strategy rollout on medium and long term

Describe the internal regulations, code of collaboration as well as the approval flows


Each commercial methodology was tailored regarding the project complexity, as follow:

VW-SALES describes the sales organization

VW-PSM details the organization of the Project and Service Management team

The Solution Portfolio Structure and vitality is described in VW-SSPM methodology

The project implementation is described within VW-SDLC

Service operation methodology VW-SOM and VW-SRAM  describe the service operation and security assessment frameworks.

Each commercial process is presented in details within the Services section of this web site.