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Positive customer experience is an increasingly important ingredient for companies to win and retain customers. Customer engagement by Microsoft Dynamics and Vision BPM solutions helps companies create long-term relationships with their customers by delivering exceptional experiences based on knowledge and trust. 

Vision CRM Solution provides a complete and intuitive platform that can help salespeople be more productive so they can focus on what's most important—delivering amazing customer experiences. 

Visionware solutions for Marketing Teams:

Consumer loyalty platform

Mobile application platform integrated with customer systems.

Helps any company create and personalize its digital fingerprint on all communication channels, building the relationship with the clients ...

Completely integrated solution for managing client relationships based on capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Vision BPM integration and process visual modelling features ...

If you want to connect your Marketing team with the entire organisation in terms of collaboration, workflows and customers interaction channels, we also recoomend:
Microsoft Power BI is helping users spot risks & find opportunities at a glance so they can save the day, every single day...

Integrated Contact Management Solution for Call Centers

A suite of collaborative platforms that allow enterprise content management, document management, teamwork and workflows management within any company ...

Integrated business processes modeling, optimization and management solution enabling any company to increase the business performance ...

Other solutions for your marketing team:
Real Estate solution enabling asset management

Integrated learning management system