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Vision Portal

Unified communication with customers and partners
with Vision Portal

Vision Portal helps any company create and personalize its digital fingerprint on all communication channels, building the relationship with the clients by giving them relevant information and online tools for accessing information.

In today’s competitive business environment, the consistent presence of a company in the digital environment is more than necessary and it offers an easier and direct way to reach the clients. Successful companies invest in developing new portals through which they build their brand, search for new clients and offer the existing clients direct access to their services and products through the means of online applications. Vision Portal is a platform that ensures a fast company presentation portal creation as well as offering information and services in the created portal directly through its existent systems. Weather we talk about a web application for a company presentation or a selling and service platform for clients, Visionware has the experience and the capability, through the technology offered and through the already developed components, to implement a fast, efficient and flexible solution for any kind of Portal.


Company presentation Portal

Online selling Platform

Customer Service Platform

Collaboration Platform

Multiple application integration under a common interface

Personalization for groups of users

Integration with social networks


Give customers a unified experience

Controls the information that reaches clients or potential clients

Reduces services costs

Increase sales

Shortens the new products marketing and launch time

Increases the brand’s knowledge degree


Consolidate your digital presence through an instrument which allows a controlled presentation of information about your company.

Improve intern collaboration by integrating all applications in a unitary interface.

Create online communities and encourage the exchange of information between different categories or groups of users.

Connect your company or community to the social networks.

Build an online selling platform through which you can get directly to the interested party of your company’s products and services.

Reach out faster and cheaper to possible clients.

The Web Platform

Vision Portal permits building sites or web applications with multiple functionalities like: websites that need a different structure depending on the user, websites that allow the collaboration between multiple groups of users or the visual integration of multiple applications. The roles and permission System simplifies the administration and management of users.

Enterprise Content Management

Vision Portal offers a complete content management system. The solution offers the possibility of managing documents and media content, publishing text content, defining content templates, structuring the content in a complex system of categories, subcategories and tags.

Integration in a unitary Interface

Vision Portal allows the integration of multiple websites and web applications into a single portal which is easy to administer and configure. This trait will improve the user’s experience and productivity at a company level.


Vision Portal offers multiple functionalities which facilitates the collaboration between teams or organizations such as: instant messaging, blogs, wiki, emails, notifications and alerts, events calendar, the possibility to signal abuse or inadequate content, activity tracking, dynamic lists that can be created and distributed by users, forms or polls creation. Additionally, the Visionware team has the capability to develop any new functionality that can help improving the company’s activity. The new created functionalities can be easily integrated in the existing portal and can be positioned in multiple pages by dragging and dropping them.


Vision Portal allows the administration of all described functionalities from an intuitive interface. In this way, the whole structure of a website and all the content can be realized without extra development. From the administration interface one can create new users or groups, can define and attribute roles and can configure access rights for the created roles. In this way, portal administration can be made by any member of the organization without having the need to have someone with technical or programming skills.

Integration capabilities

Visionware has accumulated enough experience and has developed different connectors which allow Vision Portal to integrate different technologies, for different reasons and at different levels: existing systems, social networks, databases, mail services and others.

Vision Portal is based on the customization of Liferay open-source or commercial platform. Visionware developed a series of portlets and connectors that enable rapid and adaptable implementation of any situation.


Liferay offers a very flexible architecture and ease of integration. Using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) users get accelerated development cycles, re-usable services and composite application development.


Technologies and standards

Liferay implements the most modern and diverse technologies that allow great flexibility and portability in developing a solution:

Windows, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.), Unix (Mac OS X, Sloaris, etc.)

IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.

Java, J2EE/JEE, Hibernate, AJAX, Spring 3.0, Velocity, etc.

Content management

Content management system covers:

Versioning, de check-in / check-out system, multi-files upload, image gallery

Automatic page structure inheritance, import/export of content

Support I18N standard for any language

Reusable content, dynamically generated site taxonomy, SEO

Content structuring using meta tagging

Category based navigation

Collaboration & Social

The technologies used for collaboration functionalities include:

Wikis (rich text editor, file attachments, LDAP integration, tag-based navigation, RSS)

Knowledgebase (versioning system, print to PDF, rating system, threaded comments, easy creation con content with templates etc.)

Webmail client (multiple mail accounts, IMAP and SMTP, AJAX-based interface)

Alerts & Announcements (targeted group delivery, email, SMS or internal messaging)

Integration capabilities

Visionware developed different connectors which allow Liferay to integrate different technologies for different reasons and at different levels:

Interfaces: based on the capabilities of Liferay technology to integrate different interfaces

Data: based on Vision SOA capabilities, it is possible to access and manage data through the portal to/from any business system or database

Workflows: Vision BPM can expose the portal, through specific connectors, to any workflow or information

Technology: connecting with social networks and various collaboration technologies is achieved both through the Liferay capabilities and through the specific connectors developed in Vision SOA

Implementing the Portal

The project was implemented using the Liferay platform, was finished in just 2 months and reached over 100.000 page views in the first month since launch.


Visionware has implemented the requested functionalities by optimal configuration of the Liferay platform and through developing personalized functionalities. The administration interface of the portal was designed to match the client’s needs and has integrated the “out of the box” Liferay characteristics with the custom developed functionalities to achieve this goal (example: configuring different display controllers or parameters.


The portal was developed to be responsive, allowing access from any web browser and from any mobile device. The design is modern and the navigation was made in such a way that the user can reach very easy the desired information.


The Portal integrates itself with the NN systems to offer the visitor specific and dynamic information from the internal NN systems, information which is presented as unitary thanks to the integration capabilities of interfaces. There have also been developed integrations with HR, Sales and other type of systems, allowing the information that is gathered through the portal to reach the systems which process that information