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Vision CRM

Client Relationship Management
powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Vision BPM solutions

Vision CRM is a completely integrated customer management solution based on the sales, marketing and customer service capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the integration and visual process modelling functionalities offered by Vision BPM.

Positive customer experience is the most important ingredient for any company in gaining or keeping its clients. The way in which clients and companies interact has changed fundamentally. Today, clients are connected by the means of mobile devices, have access to any type of information at any moment and can influence the brands’ image by means of social networks. Sales, marketing and customer service teams must adapt to the clients’ new virtual journey by building more profound relationships and by personalizing every interaction with them.

The Vision CRM platform, which is based on the integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Vision BPM, offers the tools needed to approach each client or prospect in an intelligent manner, allowing the company to build relationships based on trust and loyalty while increasing the teams’ productivity.



Clients and contacts management

Sales force automation

Marketing campaigns planning and execution

Personalized customer experience

Predictable and proactive client interactions

Integration with social networks

Intelligent analysis and reporting

Configurable business processes 



Increasing the company’s profitability and agility

Loyal and involved customers

Reducing operational costs

Improving business predictability

Increasing teams’ productivity

Shortening response times

Consolidating data and increasing transparency

Integration with all of the company’s solutions


Connect, personalize and transform more opportunities into actual sells.

Gain customer loyalty.

Enhance marketing activities through accurate information on specific segments.

Encourage users to actively participate in workflows by offering them a friendly environment and a seamless cross-channel user experience whether it’s in a web browser, Microsoft Outlook, Web portal, on any device - PC, mobile or tablet

Become a process oriented company, gaining control over business flows to save time and money.

Visually design and automate flows of any complexity and develop applications quickly and easily without programming knowledge.


Sales by Microsoft Dynamics provides a complete and intuitive solution that can help salespeople be more productive so they can focus on what's most important - delivering amazing customer experiences. The main functionalities are: opportunities management, collaborative and mobile sales, sales team planning and management, social collaboration, sales intelligence.


The platform offers an integrated marketing resource management solution for marketing operation, planning, execution, and analytics across all channels—email, digital, social, SMS, and traditional. You can engage customers one to one across channels, build your sales pipeline, and demonstrate the impact of your marketing investments—in real time. The main functionalities are: marketing resource management, multichannel campaigns, lead management and scoring, sales and marketing collaboration, social marketing, marketing intelligence.

Customer Service

Service by Microsoft Dynamics empowers customers through their choice of self and assisted service options; empowers agents to deliver fast, informed and effective resolutions; and seamlessly incorporates field solutions when there is a need for onsite help. The main functionalities are: case management on multiple channels, unified agent experience, self-service, fieldservice, knowledge base, service intelligence.

Integration and process modelling capabilities

Vision BPM streamlines the way companies work by mapping complex workflows, constantly changing rules and disparate data from legacy systems into a platform where processes are easy to deploy and manage. Both technical and business users can create interfaces, design processes, define rules, generate documents and integrate systems using visual tools in a familiar and easy to use environment. Additionally, with the rules engine you can easily implement scoring, escalation and notifications or you can manage how information is displayed in the interface, documents and reports. The platform allows integration with any system through a Plugin mechanism. In this way, data can be imported from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or other systems and can then be used in workflows, rules, interfaces and document templates. The result can then be sent back to the originating system.

Vision CRM combines the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Vision BPM’s capabilities for fast configuration and development of applications and workflows.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a completely integrated customer relationship management solution with a powerful suite of sales, marketing and customer service capabilities, which offers companies of all sizes a fast, flexible and low cost solution in order to identify, gain and develop profitable relationships with clients. The native integration with Outlook leads to fast user adoption, boosts productivity and empowers business processes for a better general impact.

The solution can be implemented in Cloud or On-Premises and offers support for mobile platforms and applications which guarantee the same functionality on any device. The platform offers analysis capabilities and reporting tools to help employees gain visibility and discover new insight.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on a flexible, services oriented architecture, with an extensible and easy customizable data model, allowing real time business process integration..

Vision BPM

Without requiring any programming knowledge, the platform enables rapid visual modeling of web applications that can then be accessed from any device. The platform offers extensive integration capabilities and offers native connectors with the main business solutions.

Integration capabilities

Visionware has developed native integration connectors between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Vision BPM which allow:

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with any other system through Vision BPM

The fast and easy creation of interfaces for operational activity and their integration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Workflows: Vision BPM can display any workflow into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Optimal allocation of client access licenses according to each user specific needs


Customer Loyalty for Băneasa Shopping City

Increasing customer satisfaction with a loyalty and B2C marketing solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Leasing and Customer Service B2B

The relationship with partner stores is very important for Băneasa Shopping City and is being managed with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Sales capabilities of the solution makes the leasing of commercial spaces workflow more efficient, while the Customer Service functionalities are used to answer fast and accurate to the customers’ requests and complaints. The solution is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in order to ensure data consistency and a unified and easy experience to the users.


Loyalty and Marketing B2C

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers visitor management and marketing campaigns execution capabilities for CITY iLOVE - the loyalty program implemented by Băneasa Shopping City that consists of a mobile application which rewards it’s visitors with benefits based on the purchases from partner stores. Loyalty points are collected after the simple scanning of the fiscal receipt with a smartphone. The solution implemented by Visionware is integrated with the mobile app and ensures an efficient and personalized communication based on the user’s buying habits, consistent on all channels: e-mail marketing, in-app notifications, SMS, proximity.