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Vision Collaboration

Enhance Collaboration efficiency with Vision Collaboration Platforms

Vision Collaboration is a suite of collaborative platforms that allow enterprise content management, document management, teamwork and workflows management within any company

Following the development of technology, the way companies work has changed radically in recent years and the volume of information that has to be managed is growing exponentially from one month to another. An important factor for success are the proper IT systems that ensure better collaboration between team members, structuring and maintaining appropriate content whether it’s documents or any other information, intuitive and easy to use tools, all in a controlled access environment.


  • Team collaboration

  • Business processes support

  • Document management

  • Enterprise content management

  • Workflows management

  • Implement enterprise content management and access business rules and policies

  • Ensuring a consistent user experience according with each company goals


  • Document management workflow optimization

  • Increase organization profitability and agility

  • Decrease response time to customer requests    

  • Increased accountability and control by actively involving users in content creation and maintenance

  • Improve Time to Market for new products or services

  • Increase visibility and access to data and information

  • Data consolidation and decreasing search time

  • Increase efficiency of information processing


Implement a system that provides a single place for storing all electronic content in the company.
Gain control of vital information and how they are accessed to save time and money.

Boost team productivity by ensuring easy access to any document or file electronically through an easy to use and accessible set of tools, whether it’s in a web portal or Microsoft Outlook, on any device - PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Deploy the most complex organization content management workflows quickly and with minimal effort.
Provide the right information to each team member depending on the specifics of any situation.

Document Management

The Document Management functionality allows storing, organizing and locating all file types easily, ensures consistency of documents and the possibility of defining metadata for their classification, in an environment with controlled access based on security policies of the organization.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management improves team members productivity through a set of features by which it can centrally manage a wide range of content that can be structured appropriately according with specific purposes, within a controlled environment.


Both technical and business users can create interfaces, design processes, define rules, generate documents and integrate systems using visual tools in a familiar and easy to use environment. Flows can be simple or complex, from procurement approval to credit management or back-office solutions.

Collaborative unified solution across the organization, with extensive integration capabilities

The Vision Collaboration platforms is based on the integration of commercial solutions for document management and content management with communication and collaboration technical platforms (email, messaging, sharing), and can be integrated with any organizational solution with the help of the Vision BPM engine.

Integration Capabilities

The Vision BPM Platform offers native connectors integrating Microsoft SharePoint or Alfresco platforms at different levels:

Interface: Forms and workflows defined in Vision BPM can be natively used within Microsoft SharePoint or Alfresco platforms

Data: the content defined within Microsoft SharePoint and Alfresco platforms is available within Vision BPM interfaces and flows

Workflows: Vision BPM can act as a Workflow engine for Microsoft SharePoint or Alfresco

The platform offers advanced features for collaboration by integrating with instruments like

Email and messaging (Microsoft Exchange, Lync)


Mobile applications and Social Networking


Vision Collaboration Platform is based on the integration of commercial solutions like Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Web Center or Alfresco with Vision SOA

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web platform for collaboration and document and content management that improves organization efficiency. The solution allows teams to create a centralized and secure space for sharing documents, where they can be stored, downloaded, edited and then uploaded back into the collaborative environment.

Oracle Web Center

Oracle WebCenter is a complete solution that offers users a comprehensive and intuitive enterprise working environment. Through its components, the solution enables the implementation of web applications and portals, both internal and external, ensuring complete integration services for collaboration and content management. All these components improve and streamline teamwork and facilitate user access to information needed in the context of business processes.


Alfresco is a flexible and reliable content management (ECM) and document management (DMS) platform. The solution provides a high degree of consolidation and organization of content that increases productivity and provides control over information and valuable documents. The Alfresco platform can be easily extended and integrated with other applications and systems in order to provide a complete solution tailored to the needs of each company.

Vision BPM

Vision BPM streamlines the way companies work by mapping complex workflows, constantly changing rules and disparate data from legacy systems into a platform where processes are easy to deploy and manage. Without requiring any programming knowledge, the platform enables rapid visual modeling of web applications that can then be accessed from any device. The platform provides extensive integration capabilities and provides out of the box connectors with leading business solutions offered by vendors such as Microsoft (Dynamics and SharePoint), Oracle, SAP, Liferay, Alfresco, etc..


Vision Collaboration is based on the integration of ECM and DMS commercial solutions with Visionware proprietary platforms according with each customer needs and strategy.
The platform was built on a flexible SOA model, ensuring a high degree of adaptability and flexibility.

To ensure flexible integration with any customer architecture landscape, Visionware developed connectors with leading collaboration and communication platforms such as Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Microsoft Exchange, etc.
The Collaboration platform allows integration with services provided by social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Integration capabilities

The platform allows integration with any system at different levels:

Interface: can be implemented as application integration portal, offering a single point of access for all applications

Date: the platform can access and manage data from any system through the existing connectors

Entities: provides an entities model in order to standardize the data exchange between platforms

Workflow: has activities integration capabilities across all existing systems

Technology and service model

The technologies underlying the solutions are varied, enabling the use either on premise or cloud:

Java and Open Source

Microsoft Cloud (SharePoint, Office 365, etc.)


Intranet Portal for Aerotravel Lufthansa

The Vision Collaboration platform is at the center of the integrated solution for collaboration, document management, sales and marketing for Aerotravel Lufthansa, one of the top three travel agencies that offer services to both individual customers and companies. The platform was built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft BI, with Vision BPM acting as the integration layer for all the solutions.


Visionware commitment was to enable users to reach any information or functionality with 2 clicks. To achieve this goal, the application was divided into 3 main areas of navigation in which the entire content and all functionalities were structured. The main types of functionality implemented: team presentations, common workspaces, restricted work areas, documents and content organization, collaboration tools (approvals, booking meeting rooms, allocating resources, etc.).

Content Oraganization

All content has been structured along: the entity that generated it, the entity that has access to it and content type (ex. internal documents, travel content, etc.). Workflows, content approval and publishing mechanism, and workspaces where just a few of the delivered features. The platform enables automatic generation of documents, automatic storing, alerts and notifications depending on the situation.

Document Management

The documents were structured according with their type: document template, public documents, and documents with restricted access, etc.


Integration of the implemented systems was based on Vision BPM platform allowing unitary functions and content of all solutions involved.