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One Vision

Integrated platform for Business Administration

One Vision maximize the productivity of any organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its horizontal processes through integrated, flexible and configurable IT tools in one place, covering the entire Business Administration related processes: Human Resources, Sales and Customers, Procurement and Providers, Operations and Enterprise Resources.

The digitalization of business means that activities that used to take place offline now take place on virtual workspaces affording businesses more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and meet goals. Business administrators need to stay current on software, apps and tools to plan and communicate more effectively.  

One Vision Suite of Applications offers a complete set of integrated features enabling any company to administer the human resources, automate the sales force and gaining new customers, control the cost and optimize the procurement processes, collaborate on project and delivering more efficient and with high quality.


  • Build, maintain and optimize the human resources
  • Seamless collaboration across different departments and functions within any company
  • Automate and control the sales and customer relation
  • Control and optimize the internal and project costs
  • Integrated view of resources, projects and financial results at enterprise level
  • Reliable decision support tools


  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Improve cost and quality of services
  • Enhance the operational performance
  • Automate the Sales Force
  • Control the expenses
  • Take decision based on complete data
  • Improve the Business Administration and focus on the core business


Administrate business with a complet and integrated set of features provided in one place.
Put different pieces in a coherent view.
Assure the business operation with simple, ergonomic and complete suite of applications.

Work with an experienced team in similar projects implementation. 
Build and automate the business processes step by step assuring a smoothly adoption of the new tools.
Build from scratch or integrate with existing systems

Sustain the innovation in Business Administration technology implementing long term reliable and performant solutions.
Take control of your internal processes and be ready for the market challenges.

People\Workforce Management (HRMS)

Maximize the productivity of any organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees through flexible and configurable IT tools covering the entire HR Administration related processes: recruitment, profiling, performance evaluation, administration, schedule and activity management.

Customer Management

A completely integrated customer management solution covering the sales, marketing and customer service features and using the integration and visual process modelling functionalities offered by Vision BPM.

Providers Management

Support the entire procurement contracting and related entities lifecycle management starting with product catalogue definition, provider selection and administration (e-Procurement), request for quotation, offering and ordering and continuing with contract management, annexes and deliverables, delivery notes and invoice management.

Enterprise Resources

An integrated tool for monitor, plan and control at the enterprise level the company resources across different departments and functions.


Specific tools for increasing the operational efficiency, like Project management, staff activity, resources planning, etc. The operational tools consists mainly in specific modules developed according with each industry specific.


A suite of collaborative platforms that allow enterprise content management, document management, teamwork and workflows management within any company.

Unified Interaction

Leverages the standard telephony and contact centers features with specific modules to provide operators and  managers with complete and integrated tools for performance and quality management, activity management, workflows definition and integration with existing systems.

OneVision is a modular platform powered by the latest software development technologies and based on Vision BPM. The platform is composed of several modules grouped into 3 levels and offers native integration capabilities.

Presentation level

The Vision BPM interface is developed in AngularJS, the latest framework created by Google for dynamic web application development. AngularJS is used to generate Single Page Applications, providing a fluid, desktop-like user experience. Generated processes and interfaces can then be presented in any Web technology (ASP.Net, Spring MVC, JSP).

Services level

Contains all the business logic and integration functionalities modules of the platform.

Data level

The data storage repository:

BPM Configuration – database that stores configuration data

Application Data – the collection of databases that will store the specific business information captured in processes


The Vision BPM platform is data storage technology independent and can use databases such as Microsoft, Oracle or Open Source.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation workflow covers the planning stage - communication and setting goals, midterm and final evaluation of the performance of employees in a company.

Workflow definition and configuration

Using the graphical interface of the platform you can define the statuses, actions and transitions of the workflow. In this case, the flow consists of the following steps: Objective communication, setting and approval, midterm evaluation and results approval, final evaluation and final approvals, documents generation.

The standard workflow can be customized according with each company specific. 

The performance evaluation workflow was designed in order to allow flexible teams organization, specific rules implementation (for instance, after the objectives were approved by both employee and manager, no further modification are available without “unlock” action).

Objectives setting

Team members view and modify the individual objectives

Team manager validate/modify/unlock the objectives for the team members accordingly

Finally, the individual objectives are set for evaluation

Objectives and Competences evaluation

Various types of evaluation are available: monthly, quarterly, yearly

Flexible evaluation results input tools are implemented: manual, automatic through integration with customer platforms 

(for example, the sales results can be takeover from the CRM platform)

Results approval workflow are available according with each company specific (direct manager, M1, M2, HR, other)